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john lee 08-23-2001 02:03 AM

Removing apache rpm and install apache from source
Hi all,

I installed RedHat 6.2 with webserver and as a result, I got Apache Server installed by default. However, since the version is old i.e. 1.3.12-2, I decided to download the latest source from

I then decided to first remove apache rpm by entering 'rpm -e apache-1.3.12-2'. When I did so, it came back and said:

error: removing these packages would break dependencies:
webserver is needed by mod_perl-1.21-10
webserver is needed by php-3.0.15-2

I think I can force it to remove it but I don't know if this would cause any problem if later I installed apache from source. I know I don't need php but I may need mod_perl.

What should I do?


jeremy 08-23-2001 08:34 AM

You may want to remove mod_perl and php and install them from source also. PHP is now on 4.0.6 and in my opinion PHP4 is quite a bit better then PHP3.

computera 11-15-2001 08:44 PM

follow up question
how do you remove those, simply removing the mo files and the references to them in the apache .conf file i assume?

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