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SJR3t7 08-10-2004 03:44 PM

Remote Desktop Connection; RDP; Keyboard Mapping
I am using Remote Desktop Connection that came with KDE 3.2 and FC2 to connect to a Windows Box. I can connect to the Windows Machine if I type in the IP address, but not the name of the computer, and ideas of why? And how do I go about solving this problem? I also have another issue. I use the Dvorak keyboard layout. When the Remote Desktop Connection connects to the computer my keyboard is all wacked. My guess is that the keyboard remaping of the program is not working correctly. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?


david_ross 08-10-2004 04:15 PM

Welcome to LQ.

Does the name you are trying to access resolve to the correct IP address?:
dig A

As for the keyboard:

From: man rdesktop

-k <layout>
Keyboard layout to emulate. This requires a corresponding keymap file to be installed. The standard keymaps provided with rdesktop follow the RFC1766 naming scheme: a language code followed by a country code if necessary - e.g. en-us, en-gb, de, fr, sv, etc. The default is en-us
(a US keyboard).

SJR3t7 08-10-2004 05:56 PM

First of all thank you for your reply.

The name does correspond to the correct IP. The example I gave is for a home network of 3 computers. 2 computers are always windows xp, and mine sometimes windows and sometimes linux. The one I am trying to connect to has a static IP. And Window Remote Desktop works with windows. My quess is that Linux is not resulving the name to an IP. And I think it is because I have not turned some linux-windows service on. So am wondering what needs to be installed on turned on to do MS Network resultions.

About the keyboard. It is really weird. My default or system keyboard is Dvorak, and when I remote I would like to do normal keyboard, well accualy I prefer a Dvorak keyboard but it is not an option. I some what understand what has happened with the mapping but not sure how to explain it. I will try. It may sound a bit redamentry, I apoligive, I don't know how to explain what I am see except spurting it out in a random fashion.

System Keyboard is Dvorak. Emulation Keyboard on Remote desktop is US-EN. But I do not receive a US-EN Map. From what it looks like to me I get a keyboard map of US-EN on top on Dvorak. A maping over a maping. Let me ilistrate. The home row on Dvorak is AOEUI DHTNS-. Home row on QWERTY is ASDFG HJKL;'. if I wanted to type a J under Remote Desktop this is the proccess I have found that works. The 'J' is printed on my keyboard for a US-EN keyboard where my right hand index finger lays. On the Dvorak Keyboard it is a 'H'. If I where to type a 'J' with Dvorak I type where the symble is a 'C'. So the way I have used that information to get what I want I type a 'C' on the Dvorak keyboard, but under Remote desktop I get a 'J'. So my proccess is to see where a letter is on the Dvorak keyboard, see what is printed on the key, then press that key on Dvorak to get the orignal key I want. That is why I think it is a maping over a maping.

Any suggestions on how to fix the problem. It is not reasonable for me to learn a new keyboard maping to do Remote Desktops. I would like to use linux more, but to use real often this is one issue that needs to be solved. Any help is much appreated.


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