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worm5252 12-14-2009 02:45 PM

Remote Desktop and Multiple Desktop Windows
I have VMware server installed on this machine. I also have a Windows XP VM running all the time. I have it bridged so it gets a valid IP from my router and such and is in my network. I use KRDC to remote desktop to it and I make it full screen. However if I want to go back to my desktop I have to minimize KRDC.

Is there a RPD client out there I can use so I can go full screen on 1 desktop and have everything else on another desktop then use KDE's Desktop switcher or ctrl+alt+arrow keys to switch between desktops to flip between Windows XP and Linux without having to minimize?

scheidel21 12-15-2009 08:10 AM

I may be mistaken but I think if you use compiz-fusion the desktop switching still works.But aside from that I believe there is also a key combo that redirects the key press to the host OS then you can switch. I know there is for terminal services client because it doesn't have the little menu on the top like KDRC and Windows Remote Desktop client. What that key combo is I know not.

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