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prowla 05-14-2012 10:53 AM

Remmina doesn't double-click
I've just upgraded from Ubuntu 10 to 12, and I use it within a VMware player VM to give a canned environment through to some systems (UNIX, Linux and Widnows) that I support.

One of the changes with Ubuntu 12 is the shift from tsclient to Remmina for remote desktop access to Windows servers. It's mostly fine, but there is one issue.

Double-clicking isn't working on the remote desktop. For example, if I double-click on the remote desktop's "My Computer" it just highlights the icon instead of opening a window. But if I right-click and choose "Open" from the popup menu then the window opens as normal.

I double-checked that it wasn't a setting on the remote machine; I ran up my old Ubuntu 10 VM on my same host PC and connected in with tsclient (which took over my session from my Ubuntu 12 desktop), and double-click worked fine. (I also connected from a Windows 7 VM and again double-click worked fine.)

So it looks like this does relate to Remmina on Ubuntu 12.

Have I missed a config, is there a bug, Is this expected behaviour?

Thanks for looking...

jakke1975 06-08-2012 11:23 AM

same problem here...

prowla 07-12-2012 03:03 AM

FYI I did an update of Ubuntu 12 recently, and it now looks like works, so I guess the fix was included.

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