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opg31 10-04-2005 08:54 PM

regarding wine and alien
hello I need help in installing the wine program on my red hat 9, whenever I try to install it it tells me it lacks the gcc and cc and cl where can I get that? does my red hat 9 discs have them in it? I also found alien program thats supposedly converts rpms to debian format (for installers I think) that too is not working, it tells me that I need a c compiler, I'm new to linux, its kinda hard to install programs specially when it lacks something, I'm having a hard time figuring things out despite searching the internet, although I'm prettey sure there is abundant info out there on howtos, anyway appreciate any help thanks!

FliesLikeABrick 10-04-2005 09:23 PM

sounds like you need to install gcc, the gnu C compiler. There should be an RPM for it that you can find easily by googling, or some kind, RPM-familiar soul will post a link here for you.

What is the RH package management thing... yast? try using that to install it

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