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kperkins 10-08-2003 02:25 AM

Redhat9 KDE Menu Items
Has any one had any success in editing the default menu for Redhat 9 under KDE? What we would like to do is edit the default menu that applies to all users. Uder RH7 this was very easy...under 9 a bit more difficult.
Thanks in advance.
Regards, Kim Perkins

ehdwuld 10-08-2003 05:57 PM

wadda you mean??

adding gnome stuff
removing stuff

could you describe a bit more accuratly what it is you wanta do??

kperkins 10-08-2003 07:04 PM

KDE Start Menu Editing
When we installed our current batch of 120 or so Redhat 7.3 workstations we edited the K menu to include software that we installed and then re-organized the menu structure to be more "user firendly". This included deleting some entries, moving others, making
new categories and so forth.

This menu then applied to all users who logged onto that machine. It was largely done by editing the Applink entries. Under RedHat9 the menu structure and file locations have been altered. We can not get a "default" menu to apply to all users in the same way as before.

I was wondering if anyone had found the location of the files that construct the default K menu structure and how these are edited to apply the changes to all users.


ehdwuld 10-08-2003 07:26 PM

have you been able to find the Applink entries?
or is it just getting them to stick?

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