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bkersey 10-25-2003 02:24 AM

RedHat9 Failed to load module "bitmap"
I have seen a lot of posting on this problem, but no answer to what causes the deleting of system files . How come the Linux community isn't up in arms and holding RH's feet to the fire over this? After spending hours and hours going through the usual "new hardware", "get the latest", "hardware problem", "the moon is full" type replies, it seems that nobody has a real answer to this.
My system isn't new, has been working for over 6 months and all I did was log out as a user and tried to login as root. Video goes black "well at least it wasn't the blue screen of death", now a cycle of attempts to determine the video card, monitor and finally a look at the log files and behold " Failed to load module bitmap". Digging deeper and a ton of X11 files that we there for months are now gone. I saw one post that said something about RedHat turning on video DMA in RH9. So now we get a jump into memory somewhere that decides to erase a bunch of X11 files. Sounds strange to me, but then who would have guesses that RH would actually release something that would do this. RH are you out there? Do you give a ....? Anyone have a real fix for this?

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