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linuxaddict7 03-12-2010 03:29 PM

Redhat LVM Extend Fails
System - Redhat 4 U6, LVM 2, Emc Powerpath 5.3, Recently upgraded.

I am trying to extend the Logical Volume with the existing VG. Even though there are enough free PE on both the devices, the extend fails.

Any help/hint is greatly appreciated.

# lvextend -v -L+58G /dev/stores_r10/store
Finding volume group stores_r10
Using stripesize of last segment 64.00 KB
Archiving volume group "stores_r10" metadata (seqno 23).
Extending logical volume store to 305.00 GB
Not enough PVs with free space available for parallel allocation.
Consider --alloc anywhere if desperate

#vgdisplay -v output

--- Volume group ---
VG Name stores_r10
System ID
Format lvm2
Metadata Areas 2
Metadata Sequence No 23
VG Access read/write
VG Status resizable
Cur LV 1
Open LV 1
Max PV 0
Cur PV 2
Act PV 2
VG Size 399.99 GB
PE Size 4.00 MB
Total PE 102398
Alloc PE / Size 63232 / 247.00 GB
Free PE / Size 39166 / 152.99 GB
VG UUID 2RK0oQ-ldj6-Wcxn-oXGa-rYDf-UcZU-MLl2Hx

--- Logical volume ---
LV Name /dev/stores_r10/store
VG Name stores_r10
LV UUID 720nl5-Blt2-Azon-SDmB-40Rp-Cb4Z-lpwcM7
LV Write Access read/write
LV Status available
# open 1
LV Size 247.00 GB
Current LE 63232
Segments 1
Allocation inherit
Read ahead sectors 0
Block device 253:0

--- Physical volumes ---
PV Name /dev/emcpowerc1
PV UUID OXlJWt-KdEr-7AuV-mh8W-chPt-ileM-X5MO5w
PV Status allocatable
Total PE / Free PE 51199 / 19583

PV Name /dev/emcpowerb1
PV UUID S7QFzh-kPI9-OWiW-hPsP-vMI5-7xD2-QlVwia
PV Status allocatable
Total PE / Free PE 51199 / 19583

acid_kewpie 03-12-2010 04:31 PM

All mention of this message online points towards mirrored LVM and a need for a log volume too, which you've not mentioned. Is this post relevant?

linuxaddict7 03-12-2010 05:27 PM

thank you. Yes.. I looked at that post yesterday night. I am not mirroring anything. I used the following redhat link and made some progress.

"lvs -a -o +stripes,devices" shows that there are 4 stripes with 2 physical devices, /dev/emcpowerb1(0), /dev/emcpowerc1(0), /dev/emcpowerb1(15868), /dev/emcpowerc1(15868). I am not sure how it got the devices with 15868, guessing some kind of mapping.

Also I can force with the command "lvextend -i1 -l+100%FREE vg/stripe1" which will write the data in single stripe causing uneven performance issues.

Now I need to figure out how 4 stripes were created with 2 physical devices.


linuxaddict7 03-15-2010 10:48 AM

Anyone know what the issue, please post. thanks.

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