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ckone 08-14-2003 09:47 AM

Redhat 8.0 Usb flash Problem
Know I have a problem with my usb flash disk....

Brand Name: Attache'
Size: 64mb

When I look at directory /proc/scsi/scsi I get no usb device listed.
But when I look in the folder /proc/scsi I see another list of usb-storage-0 . If I open this file it reads

Attached devices:
Host: 0 Channel:00 Id: 00 Lun: 00


Model: Memory Stick Rev:0108

Serial Number:

Attached: YES

Know I've read somewhere that you might have to reformat the USB stick to 16fat for it to work in both Linux and Windows. Is this my problem is it not recognizing the device based on format type of the Usb stick.

Or is the kernel 2.4.18-24 not current enough of a kernel to recognize this device.....

Pls help.....

thanks .......:)

cnjohnson 08-14-2003 10:04 AM

Hot plug is a kernel issue, so I would look for information on whether a later kernel for RH solves the problem. I suspect it will, but I am unsure of which kernel it is. But you are right in your guess, it is a kernel issue.


reclusivemonkey 08-14-2003 10:13 AM

Do you have the kernel module for USB Flash Drives?

ckone 08-14-2003 04:17 PM

I'e found this post at

some preliminary search about this point.......

- upgrade my kernel to 2.4.20-18.9 to correct a bug concerning the detection of usb devices.....

Know thanks for the help hopefully I can upgrade the kernel without to many problems is there anything mention about upgrading this kernel....

well thanks for the help ;),

Give the kernel upgrade a try tonight.....

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