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berrance 03-24-2006 08:04 AM

recovering a deleted file?
hi all,

there is a total idiot here (me) i ment to click on open with and clicked on delete and like a complete fool i klicked on yes :cry: i have looked in my trash hoping it might have gon in there but it hasent.

so, does anybody know of any file recovery utilities that could work? and where to download them from?


nx5000 03-24-2006 08:10 AM

What file type whas it?
On what filesystem: ext3/ ext2/ xfs/ reiserfs ?

I suggest that you make a copy NOW of /proc/kcore into your home directory for further analysis. Its a copy of your memory.

(don't hope too much ..)

nx5000 03-24-2006 08:12 AM

Forgot sthg
Don't copy the kcore file on the same filesystem where the file was deleted!!
To be sure, try to unmount the filesystem where the file has been deleted.

berrance 03-24-2006 08:32 AM

well the file system was reiserfs and u hav stopped writing the the partition which was a seporate partation but i didnt stop straight away. the file was a zip file but had no file extention.

if i cant recover the file it will be anoying as it took ages to download but i could get it again. its just iv been waiting ages for it to download



berrance 03-24-2006 08:56 AM

thanks for the help but i am giving up, i have put the file on download again and am just accepting that i will have to wait again

thanks again


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