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mongke 10-06-2003 09:43 PM

recording tv audio with xawtv
Hi all:

For a while I've watched and recorded TV using the following setup: my pc connects to a server which had 1 tv card (Hauppage WinTV) and 2 audio cards. I can record the tv sound using btaudio while listening to it through the tv card line out plugged to the second audio card line and forwarding it with esd. Thus people sitting at the server could use the first audio card for their own stuff.
Anyway, the mainboard in the server died and had to be replaced with one of those mainboards (Asrock M266A) with integrated audio. Plugging in an audio card deactivates the onboard audio so it ends up again with just an audio device. So I can record or hear the sound but not the two at once since it interferes with the people at the server. I've tried a lot of esdcat, esddsp and sox combinations to no avail.
Any incantation to pull it trough? It will be weeks before we get an adecuate mainboard.

Thanks in advance


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