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ojaiguy 07-02-2006 12:30 PM

Recommendations for perl script front-end
I've got a perl script that I've been asked to make more "friendly". I don't have much experience in GUI development so does anyone have any recommendations for a GUI toolkit that I might be able to semi-easily implement as a front-end for my perl script?

I guess it should have support for the basics -- text fields, selectable radio buttons, "Next", "Back", "Cancel" and maybe "Help" buttons. Nothing too fancy is really required but I just have no idea where to start for this project.



acid_kewpie 07-03-2006 05:03 AM

if it's just a series of prompt boxes, check out zenity for gnome, which is just for things liek this. there is also xdialog and kdialog i think, which do similar things using a different toolkit

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