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lpallard 11-14-2013 11:33 AM

Recommendations for a music record collection manager that uses PHP/MySQL
We are basically searching for a solution to catalog a large dynamic collection of vinyl records (3000+). We are several people in need of a common solution... Basically from different physical locations, people will enter/delete/edit records in the central database.

This is for a small record store.

Because our server runs Percona MySQL, we insist in a solution that would use a MySQL database to store the info. Ideally, it should be a web based solution to allow access to the database & adding/editing entries without having to install a special software on the computers...

This is why I have indicated php in the thread title.

Are you guys aware of such solution? Doesnt have to be specifically for a vinyl record collection but it can be for any type of collection provided it is generic enough (for example a wine collection manager wouldnt work well to catalog music records)...

I believe this will be a short topic if such solutions exists... I have searched on google for weeks, but so far the only potential workaround I have found would be to code something myself which is impossible considering my curent php/database knowledge...

So to summarize:

Ideally web based (php) to eliminate the need of specific software installations and allow access from anywhere & remotely...
Using MySQL to allow remote access and easy cataloging / backup of the DB
Tailored toward vinyl records is a major PLUS

Im waiting for some ideas!

baldur_1 11-14-2013 09:33 PM

it would be pretty easy to configure a drupal website using mysql on the backend and i think there would be plenty of support. to host it use (apache) https. https creates the security blanket, a mysql server stores and catalogs...and drupal is the face of it. i haven't done this but i think it would be pretty easy and you would find decent support for drupal.

lpallard 11-18-2013 08:33 AM

baldur_1, that was an excellent suggestion!!

I installed drupal, created the necessary database config, installed all necessary modules and created a view then created an input form for new crecord in the DB, then started using it.

So far, I almost have a professional grade solution at hand, only next is to fine tune the attributes and the way I want to use the info I enter in the DB.

I couldnt have done better with a paid solution I think

I rarely do recommend something just because everyone's needs are different, but I will do it this time: I HIGHLY recommend drupal !!! Fantastic framework.

Thanks again for pointing me into this direction!!

Buckyjunior 11-18-2013 08:12 PM

How cool is that? Question. Solution.

The title of the thread was interesting because I got tired of re-typing (typewriter) my 25+ pages when I picked up a new LP. Most of it all is now digital—and cataloged digitally so I still don't have my LPs properly cataloged. Now I have a new idea.

Thanks Baldur_1.

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