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topcat 12-16-2004 11:59 PM

Recommendation for an online publishing software
Hi all again,

I am developing technical content, that I would like to publish online easily.

Since more than 1 person would be doing it and frequent editing required, I was looking at some open source package that would allow me or any non tech savvy writer to easily publish such articles.

The key requirements are:
there would be Sections, Sub Sections, maybe another branching,
The articles may have images.
The pages should all be HTML so it becomes easy to spider them.
A search facility would be good.

I am using MySQL database.

Any ideas or recommendations anyone?

Thank you very much.

hari_seldon99 12-17-2004 01:09 AM

Dunno abt the mysql part, but as for the rest, might want to try "nvu" ( It's not terribly sophisticated. It's kind of like frontpage except better, but it gets the basic HTML/CSS stuff done and has an integrated site manager.

carboncopy 12-17-2004 01:29 AM

Maybe you want to look into one of those blogging software such as movabletype. It is free, for non commercial use.

Mambo is a webportal which allows something similar.

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