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lot2learn 07-19-2001 08:45 AM

rebooting to a cd
Can't seem to remember the command from prompt to reboot to a cd. I'm getting ready to reinstall over the existing versionand am only running terminal

cinnix 07-19-2001 08:52 AM

As far as I know, there is no cammand. You just reboot. Booting off of your CD is something that is controlled by the BIOS.

lot2learn 07-19-2001 08:57 AM

doing a reboot just throws me back to the prompt

trickykid 07-19-2001 09:14 AM

shutdown -r now or just do a ctrl-alt-del at the command line.

then you should be able to set your BIOS to boot to cdrom first and so on...

one question? how were you rebooting? you said it takes you back to the prompt. are you doing this from X, or from the command line to shutdown and reboot?

lot2learn 07-19-2001 09:26 AM

worked like a champ... thanks!!! I had forgotten to add "now"

cinnix 07-19-2001 09:27 AM

Anyone can feel free to correct me if I am wrong but you need to make sure that your BIOS is trying to boot off of the CD before it tries to boot from the hard drive.

If your computer will not boot from the CDROM, you will have to create a bootdisk to initialize the installer when you reboot. If you are unsure how to create a bootdisk, let us know but make sure you include what distribution you are running.

cinnix 07-19-2001 09:29 AM

Sorry, I got busy at work and forgot to hit submit.

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