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yelp666 04-19-2003 12:37 PM

Real Basic Window Manager
I lately got an old notebook (100 MHz nad 40 (!) RAM). The problem is that I didn't receive with it any instructions. So I don't know what kind of graphic card it has.
OK. The problem is that, I when I code under console my Mandrake 9.1 works great. But I need to use a debugger under X. And X doesn't load. First I tried, using XFdrake, to run KDE. But I had to guess all the parameters. So the best I got, I saw that KDE is starting, but after a while it simply hungs (I tried every possible resolution from 640x480 to 800x600). I figured that KDE is to complex for this weak machine so I installed IceWM. And it worked under (800x600x6). The problem is that the screen is in stripes, and it is impossible to distinguish anything.

OK. So my questions are:
1. Could you tell me some sort of very basic graphic window manager that i could work on. I need only a debugger and maybe to surf the web, or/and
2. Do you where can I find any information regarding my notebook (about graphic card), so that I could make X run.


slakmagik 04-19-2003 12:51 PM

Yeah, you can't really guess at video. Search the web for your model and see if you can find product specs on video cards - then search the web for info on that. Best I can tell you - it's what I had to do - and only one of my two monitors blew. But at 100/40 you're doing better than me - 100/32 and 25/8. Blackbox is my favorite lightweight window manager but you should be able to run Ice fine once you get the video straightened out.

Give blackbox a try though - it's nothing but an editable context menu, some editable window frames, and a little bar with a clock on it. Manages four desktops and any number of windows and uses next to no resources. No crap in your way at all.

yelp666 04-20-2003 01:56 PM


I know that this is nearly impossible, but do you happen to have IBM ThinkPad ????
If so could you send me all the info on monitor and graphic that you have (I need it to configure XFreeConfig).
And even if you dont have could you send it anyway, there is a small chance that it will work on my notebook also. Thanks, a lot.

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wr3ck3d 04-20-2003 02:58 PM

Not sure, but cant you just get the info from the messages during boot??

qulnxsh 04-20-2003 07:11 PM


Have you checked The Thinkpad series is really popular and your specific laptop model should be listed there.
One issue to mention, I recommend installing Slackware or something similar because Mandrake Linux releases are quite demanding in terms of system resources.
Blackbox would be a good desktop manage, although you will definetely need at least 100 MB of swap space.
Regarding the configuration of the video card, if you are not going to do anything special, I think a generic vesa driver will do the trick, but I bet your that video card is fully supported due to its age.
Well, I hope it all works. Bye

frieza 04-20-2003 08:04 PM

well, as for your windowmanager, you could always try twm :D all it does is draw a window around your stuff and allow you to open an xterm :)

yelp666 04-21-2003 04:27 AM

So what do you think is the best distribution for an old notebook??

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