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mrjamin 09-13-2007 05:59 AM

Ratpoison not working on F7?
Hi all,

Has anyone had any luck configuring Ratpoison on F7? I had it running without a hitch on FC6.

Have installed from the RPM via Smart, and the binary exists. I switched the WM on the GDM login screen to use Ratpoison, (.dmrc contains SESSION_MANAGER=ratpoison) but it always defaults to Gnome.


$ cat ~/.xsession-errors
localuser:mythtv being added to access control list

Notice that SESSION_MANAGER line in the error log doesn't mention ratpoison at all!

My Xorg log, messages and the like don't mention anything about ratpoison dying either.

On FC6, I used the ~/.Xclients or ~/.xsession scripts to launch the WM, but these methods give me an error about the WM not lasting any more than 10 seconds.

Any thoughts?


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