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Breezwell 10-30-2001 03:40 PM

RAID-1 Setup ?
Just wondering if anyone knows of any good information for setting up RAID-1. My system is capable of doing Linear and RAID-0, but the system wont let me do RAID-1. I am running Mandrake 8.1 on an AMD 650 with an MSI motherboard.

I managed to install raidtools and set up my /etc/raidtab with no problem. When I check /proc/mdstat it tells me that everything is okay.

I can set it up as long as I dont reboot, but once I do, the system halts and prompts me to go into repair mode. Also gives me the following message:

Linear or RAID-0 is not specified...........

I have read the HOW-TO, but it does not address this particular problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Breezwell 10-31-2001 09:49 AM

Okay, I managed to figure it out.

I will post the site I used to get this working when I get home tonight.

KevinJ 10-31-2001 03:08 PM

Could it be that you don't have kernel support for the particular type of RAID? I believe each type of RAID requires a separate checkbox when recompiling the kernel. Any chance you don't have the kernel support for Raid 1?

Breezwell 11-05-2001 12:40 PM

The kernel is set up to use RAID in all its flavors.
I was not creating my /etc/raidtab file correctly.

One thing does puzzle me though.
I check /proc/mdstat and see that the array is synchronizing just fine whever I boot. When I go to mount the raid drive on my primary drive, I dont see anything? All I get is the lost+found directory.

Do I need to copy my primary files over every time I boot to the raid drive? This seems rather counter productive.

Breezwell 11-06-2001 09:03 AM

Okay, I managed to get it working.
Being the idiot I am, I failed to realize that you are mirroring to two disks which does NOT include the boot disk. Geeeeesh.............

Anyway, herer is a good, concise tutorial on RAID-1.

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