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greenthing 02-06-2005 06:18 AM

questions you can`t answer ;-)
OK i have a ton of questions so here i go,

1)a program similar to samurize i especially need to have a plug in like the get TV plug-in for samurize

2)a firewall that blocks programs instead of ports ie like sygate personal firewall

3) my screen dosn`t support higer resolution than 1024*768 this means that all icons and bars on windows are much bigger then they are in xp any idea about how to make them smaller eg in a xp style size.

4( in firefox when i click with my mouse wheel i dont get any scroll icon like in Windows how do i fix that

5)is there any way to get a double click opens one click higlights files like in xp

ok i had lots more this morning but i have forgotten them now ill write some more when i remeber them >)
my distro is suse 9.2
thanks for helping me out.

ps excuse all my spelling errors.

Artanicus 02-06-2005 07:17 AM

Ill try to answer some of those (:

2. Now, why would you want to do that? If you want to limit outgoing connectivity, its most likely a case when you want to limit some harmful program from doing what uts meant to.. You most likely wont have these at hand, so why block the prog, instead of the port it uses? Sygate just examines what ports the application uses and does a port block / exclude based on that

3. your maximum resolution is based on your monitor & graphics card. If you can get better performance with the same comp in xp, its most likely that you could get more res in linux if you had configured your X properly. So, go thru xorgconfig / Xfree86 similar and set the capapbilities your monitors manualtells you, and your videocard supports.. Also installing the propietary drivers if youre using nvidia or ati helps greatly in overcoming the 1024*768 limit

If you are using KDE, you could anywaysw scale the sizes from the control panel if you cannot get the res up.

4. This behavior is specific to the windows platform.. I myself do miss it, but linux has so much other use for middle click mouse that its better this way.. (: There might be a fix to it, but ive never heard of one

5. This also is a KDE control center matter (if youre using KDE that is) This should have been asked by the setup wizard the first time you opened KDE, but I guess you just missed it then. If youre using gnome, I have no idea.. Now, thats for konqueror.. Other applications ofcourse behave differently.. Rox is worth a try as a file manager, but konqueror is allright too..

primorec 02-06-2005 07:52 AM

this post smells like a troll's post

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