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cruiser 09-08-2011 06:52 AM

Questions of UEFI

I have a PC (Linux OS)that has an EFI BIOS. I wanted some clarity on the following questions

1. Does UEFI support Interrupt handling (ISR implementation)? If yes, what is the procedure?
2. Do we need to write the Interrupt handler routine and register it in the EFI code? If it possible, do we have any utilities which help us to carry this out?
3. If the handler cannot be registered in the UEFI code, at what level do we write the ISR (platform specific firmware, or UEFI)?
4. Can we modify the CMOS register value? If yes how do we achieve this?
5. What are the utilities that are available to modify the UEFI Services (Boot/Run time/DXE service/ Image loading unloading etc...)? Or do we need to do this in the code?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks !

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