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tomtom1 06-19-2011 07:51 AM

qt4 designer not starting on Cetos 5

I recentlly updated my Centos 5.5 usnig yum update, and since then, the QT4 designer cannot be started.
If I'm running it (I installed it to /usr/local/qt..) the command stuck and nothing happens.

The wierd thing is that if I'm running "strace /usr/local/qt/bin/designer" the program starts.

Any Idea?

John VV 06-20-2011 04:54 AM

just HOW did you install it ?
cent5 uses qt3 and kde3
and has qt3-designer in the repos

also 5.5 is no longer supported 5.6 is current .So did you upgrade ?

su -
yum upgrade

and have you looked over the wiki ?
for a TESTING ONLY kde4 and qt4 install on Cent5.6 see
Quote: - This repository provides more recent (bleeding-edge) versions of KDE for use on Red Hat based systems. This repository has a decent reputation and a sizable support community.

Note: - This repo will update MANY packages to newer versions than Base CentOS ships, including all of KDE, QT, samba, etc. A CentOS team member commented at revision 25: "This seems to work OK on all machines I have tried but your machine will be far from CentOS with many changes to the [Base] CentOS Operating System." Information concerning setup is available here:

most is a bit out of date
fedora 8 is and has been DEAD for a long time
and the web page was last edited in 2009

tomtom1 06-22-2011 02:40 AM

As I mentioned, I updated Centos 5.5 to Centos 5.6 and then I had those problems.
I'm using Gnome, not KDE.

Any other ideas?

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