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Jayla 05-25-2008 01:20 PM

QEMU - Installing XP
Hi Guys

I'm experimenting with virtual Machines and trying to install XP via QtEmu, the GUI frontend for QEMU

I was able to run thru the rather unexciting XP install, and after the first reboot I'm hitting one of those "blue screens" we often hear about on that side of the fence.

the Error states...


I've done some googling, and this generally means a problem with the memory/CPU

The disc does work, I've used it sevaral times, so I'm assuming that this issue lies within my QEMU settings somewhere?

ubuntu hardy, 64bit
QEMU: allocated 512mb memory, 8gb HDD

Can anyone give me a heads up as to what to try next?


okos 05-25-2008 02:09 PM

Here is a link to a very helpful tutorial which works.
It is for slackware but the ideas are the same.

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