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eddiep 03-17-2006 05:18 PM

QCA-TLS + OpenSSL + Kopete
On Mandriva2006.0 Free DVD
I would like to connect to GoogleTalk with Kopete, but after activateing the SSL option in Jabber protocol I get a message thet I should install QCA-TLS to use this option.

I downloaded QCA-TLS (rpm and source). It said it needs libssl. So I installed Openssl0.9.7 from rpm. QCA still can not install, same problem, can't find - faild dependency. OK, I compiled the hole OpenSSL package from source without any error, run all stuff like ldconfig, even restarted the system, I chacket the PATH variable etc etc. I now have a lot of ssl stuff in /usr/lib /usr/include, I have I even made a simlink but ... QCA won't install. Both rpm and source tells me that there is NO OpenSSL installed...
I'm shure I'm missing something but don't know what!?!? Any ideeas???

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