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maxt 11-02-2004 02:20 PM

psybnc compiling error+mandrake
i have tryed compiling psybnc on 2 pc whit mandrake 10.1. But i get this error
Initializing Menu-Configuration[*] Running Conversion Tool for older psyBNC Data.
tools/convconf.c: In function `cofile':
tools/convconf.c:81: error: label at end of compound statement
make: *** [menuconfig] Error 1
tryed, and there where no answers,
pleas help
and thanks

frG 02-21-2005 04:09 AM

I exactly got the same problem.
I think it has to do something with the gcc compiler ?

Can anyone help us out ?

__J 02-21-2005 04:22 AM

it's probably your gcc 3.4.1 made that illegal where it was just deprecated in older releases ( gcc-3.3 and under - compiled with warnings but without errors for me)

well, you could install a temp gcc ( something like 2.95.3, which is a fast build) to compile this ( DO NOT install it in /usr or /usr/local) to compile this, aside from that 3.4 will not allow this code ( you'll have to manually alter the code)

see this thread if you want to set up an older compiler that will compile this code:

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