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kellinjar 08-10-2006 09:23 PM

Project 2003
I found out that one of my upcoming classes will be using this software. I am trying to only use Linux at school, but it seems like this might be pretty futile. Codeweavers doesn't even support it in crossover, but there is one user who's given it an "honorable mention". Has anyone gotten this to work in Linux via wine, or am I going to have to do something like use VWmare to get it going, or even install Windows back on the machine?

scheidel21 08-11-2006 03:54 AM

Option one is to use the new VMWare Player thats free to create a Windows VM, you will have to tinker with some text files...there are tutorials online to do it.

Option two might be to contact the user who gave it honorable mention see if they can help.

The idea of reinstalling windows and having to worry about partitions and such is ridiculous use a VM solution if you don't want to use VMWare you can use QUEMU I've heard that works pretty well.


kellinjar 08-11-2006 11:50 AM

Unfortunately the user hasn't filled out a bio, and I see no obvious way to contact him.

I'll look into setting up a VM solution.I've got lots of ram on the machine so it should be able to handle it okay.

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