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dugan 05-24-2016 11:57 PM

Program to browse a collection of videos on disk
What's the best program to use to browse a large collection of videos on disk? I want fairly large video thumbnails (bigger than what Thunar offers, anyway). I don't want the program downloading metadata from web services such as imdb or whatever. I just want a browser with large thumbnails. I also want to be able to set the video player and arguments based on the movie type. Realmedia files, for example, should play in mpv with the "-mc 0.1" flag set.


I'm currently using Ranger with its video preview feature. Unfortunately, it only works properly with xterm. Xterm doesn't have very good font or transparency support, so I'd like to try something else.

notKlaatu 05-25-2016 12:23 AM

I use `gwenview` at work. I open it to the directory of video files and browse them at about 3 rows of 4 columns. (control-scrollUp or control-scrollDown dynamically re-sizes the thumbnails for you.)

I only open video in two players, so I don't have any special args, but since gwenview uses the same settings as Dolphin, you could just right-click on a realmedia file, for example, provide the exact command you want to use to open the file, and choose to remember that option for all files of that type.

dugan 05-28-2016 06:51 PM

Thanks notKlaatu.

I did try Gwenview and Dolphin, but it looks like I'll be using pcmanfm-qt (which has no LxQt dependencies) for the foreseeable future.

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