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Usalabs 02-03-2013 06:03 AM

Program needed with context menu folder encryption.
Windows has it but Linux doesn't.

I'm looking for a folder encryption program that uses a context menu, just right click the folder, then select Encrypt, create a new password for that encryption, then every time that folder is opened, it would ask for a password.

I've looked everywhere on the net, and everyone says to use PgP command line, or seahorse with nautilus extensions, or even using an htaccess file, seahorse uses the password and encryption keys to create a PgP key, and the seahorse nautilus extension has the right click 'Encrypt' option, but you have to set up a PgP key first, which defeats the object of just right clicking, select encrypt, enter password, and the folder and it's contents are password protected, then it's a simple matter of single/double click folder to open, enter password, and the folder opens.

As I mentioned earlier, Windows has software to do that, but Linux doesn't (not that I know of).

John VV 02-04-2013 01:46 PM

what desktop ?

for example Opensuse12.2 KDE4 has it by default on the r-click menu

I am unsure about Gnome 3 ( for me gnome3 is a unusable DE , it works but is unusable )
Gnome2 on older versions of fedora and on CentOS6.3 have "nautilus-actions"

but you need to set up the action

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