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jillu 09-22-2004 03:35 PM

procmail trashes postfix mail server

I had Sendmail + Procmail + SpamAssassin running quite nicely until someone decided that we really needed to be running Postfix + SpamAssassin instead. I haven't used Postfix before and I'm rushing to catch up at this point....

So, here's the question:
I had Procmail feeding all the incoming mail to SA and then moving everything with a score of 6 or better to a special spam email folder. I was also using Procmail to filter out emails with certain 'unwanted' attachments, all of this worked just fine with Sendmail but it breaks Postfix every time. I've spent a day or so going over the man/faq/etc. and can't find a definitive answer/fix.

I'm sure that someone on this forum knows.....

Thanks in advance!

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