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wauwha 05-30-2007 08:34 AM

Problems with printers.conf, cups and samba
I am trying to print to get my CUPS to print to samba-shared printers. I have no control over the samba-server.

The deviceURI in my printers.conf is in the format:

My problem is, that my password contains a '#', causing cups to parse the rest of the line as a comment, i.e.:

When looking at printers.conf:

In the web interfact it becomes:

I've tried using every escape character I could think of (\,'',""), but this had no effect.

The strange thing is, that if i add the printer thorough the CUPS web interface, it works until CUPS is restarted. After restart, it parses the printers.conf wrongly (i.e. wrong with respect to my needs)

Any suggestions to what I might do?


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