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MadcapMagician 05-26-2012 07:16 AM

Problems with adobe flashplayer ....
I have noticed that adobe flash player while yes it works, it has a tendency to be very slow in fecora 15.. I am wondering if there is a better flash player avaiable... as it seems that adobe is no longer supporting linux... as mentioned on their web site.. the adobe air package is in the "archicve" section because they dont want to support linux.
(this makes me wonder if they are doing the same for flash player.. and reader)

while reader works fine (so far) and flash player works (though slowly.. sometimes crashing)
I am interested in an alternative to flash / java any suggestions would be appreciated.

gnunandakumar 05-26-2012 08:15 AM

Don't worry! Even though Adobe doesn't support gnu/linux well, Flash playing is going to be easy, fast and stable! Free Software Foundation has created a free flash player called gnash. Details are available from FSF Website and Wikipedia.

As you like, we want create our own free players and drivers. Gnash is a great step for that. Ubuntu comes with many proprietary softwares like Adobe Flash Player. gNewSense is a libre distro based on Ubuntu which doesn't contain any proprietary softwares. But it hasn't gnash built-in (until the version I use).

Hope you will use gnash.

snowpine 05-26-2012 10:15 AM

Impossible to help since you have not described your hardware (CPU, RAM, and most importantly video card).

MadcapMagician 06-07-2012 07:15 PM

well I am using 2 different machines to run FC 15 and each machine is as different as the north pole from the south hardware wise So I am going to assume that it is not a problem with ram cpu speed or any other typical "problem" as both machines exhibit the same slow performance and lagging while running flash programs.... howver if to get an answer you need this information my "desktop" machine is a HP DV-7 entertainment laptop ... 4 gb ram video system is ati radeon mobility cpu is amd turion x2. my other machine is acer aspire one 722.. amd dual core c60 cpu 1.33 ghz. 2 gb ram and Gallium 0.4 amd palm / radeon HD graphiz x2 (not heard of this video set up before so..)

the issue is both machine are set up to run windows and fedora while in windows.. flash runs fine.. no hiccups or stutters or lagging... in linux ..forget it slow as a snail , all kinds of hiccups... and lags like crazy... the first poster mentioned an alternative to flash and I think I will look into that, but if anyone has any info on how to get adobe flash to work better on linux please let me know. thanx for your time n reposnses.

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