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preacher34 09-15-2003 10:35 AM

Problems running compiled mozilla
Hello all, I need some help.

I tried compiling and installing mozilla-1.5b, the same way I successfully compiled and installed 1.4, but mozilla wouldn't start afterwards, the window came up for a second then immediately shuts down, without giving any error message, neither in console nor otherwise.

A bit discouraged I decided to continue with 1.4 for a while, and compiled and installed it, but alas, the same error occurs!

The mozilla window comes up, then immediately exits without giving a hint to what's wrong.

These are the build options I'm using:

./configure --prefix=/usr
--disable-tests --disable-debug
--disable-logging --enable-reorder

These are the same build options I've used to compile mozilla-1.4 successfully before, and I'm using the exakt same optimizations as well.

A bit frustrated I decided to change the --disable-debug above to --enable-debug, otherwise using the same options.

Now mozilla starts and is working fine (albeit a bit slow since it prints tons of debug-messages).

But why will it work with debug enabled, but not at all otherwise?

Not a permissions problems since it's the same for root as it is for users. I also tried deleting my mozilla profile but still no go.

Please help, what could the problem be?

(Of course I'm running the standard "./regxpcom && ./regchrome" etc etc after compiling and installing)

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