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raziel23x 11-12-2007 06:01 AM

Problem with Windows XP Pro Media Center Edition 2005
Ok, When i shutdown or restart my computer it will go through all the screens and will say system blah blah blah shutdown. but then the screen goes black and i see my mouse cursor. the computer will not shut down no matter how long i wait i have to hold down the power button to shut it down the rest of the way. It just started recently doing this. does anyone know what could be causing this issue.

Also all my partitions disappeared off my HD I had 4 partitions a 4 gig partition for a swap drive for Fedora 7 and Slackware 12 but when i went to update to Fedora 8 I found that when i installed xp that it somehow deleted all my partitions and complete reformatted my hard drive and installed itself without even telling me it was doing this

Simon Bridge 11-12-2007 07:19 AM


I found that when i installed xp that it somehow deleted all my partitions and complete reformatted my hard drive and installed itself without even telling me it was doing this
Confirm this with fdisk -l from a linux shell ... fedora's rescue mode, say or a live CD.

I understand that some editions of XP will just assume the entire drive is available for it. In the MS world of the time, Vista did not exist, so there was no reason to have it do otherwise (To the chant: "there is no OS but Windows"... ad nausium).

The shutdown issue is often due to incompatible firmware ... oem installs of XP are often tweeked to compensate, or the vendor puts important information on the HDD instead of the nvram. Or, perhaps the vendor includes it's own power management software. This is one of the troubles that is very difficult to shoot.

This trouble crops up in linux quite a bit. I've always maintained that it would happen on a non oem windows too, but this is the first I've heard of it.

raziel23x 11-12-2007 07:35 AM

This all started after I had the Computer Checked out with the Current Geek Squad CD that i got a copy from someone that works for them to fix a different issue with my computer. I Will see what i can do with Fedora 7 live CD and see if that fix anything. I might just reinstalled XP again or it could be roxi 10 might caused it since i installed all of them at the same time so i am not sure what could be what

raziel23x 11-12-2007 09:16 PM

okay I ran fedora 8 live cd and i could not find fdisk so i opened term and typed in

fdisk -f c:\
and it told me it could not find my C drive.

I ran gparted and it required me to unmount the HD and when i did it could not detect that i even had a harddrive installed... but i am able to boot into windows just fine. I dont understand why i am able to with windows but linux fedora cant even see my harddrive well it said it cant but i can open up the hard drive while in linux fedora

raziel23x 11-12-2007 09:29 PM

BTW my computer fixed itself now it shuts down properly but still having issues with the missing partitions

Simon Bridge 11-12-2007 11:11 PM

If you want to put a link in your sig, that's fine. Shoving it in peoples faces isn't.
We're all geeks here, if we spot a link that interests us, we'll check it out. If it is discrete it attracts attention. If it yells out, it'll be avoided... and you risk alienating the people you want to help you.


This all started after I had the Computer Checked out with the Current Geek Squad CD
That would do it - proprietary recovery/testing tools are seldom up to it. You should have used the FOSS tools. At least then you know what it is doing. What's wrong with "The Ultimate Boot Disk"?

I've been hearing stuff about Geek-Squad:
... this article was drivvel - what is the risk to data of removing the HDD? But, they don't need to do this to copy the data.
... comment on sales practice and charging.

I'm seeing a pattern emerging. It seems that BB/GS is providing services that are easy to do oneself. In the open source world, the geek assistance would be to tell you to do it yourself. In the closed-source world, it's all mysterious voodoo and only the initiated know the right incantations. It also means that the consumer has trouble evaluating the service they are receiving.
... still on the service and price. US$1500 for recovery? Is that real?
... it may be worth checking that GD you got for GPL tools anyway. If they are claiming coyright, then FSF need to know.
... more on service. It is difficult to find a good word about these guys thatdosn't come from their advertising. No wonder people are pirating their CD.

What is on that thing anyway?
I heard it was something like:

All the thing does is install some programs (which, granted, you do have to pay for and have a valid license key for) and then handle things such as startup services and programs, add/remove programs, start menu shortcuts, etc. So that’s what they mean in those commercials where they say, “and Geek Squad can personalize it for you”! (In other words, they’ll remove all your Flickr, Firefox, and other wonderful shortcuts and replace them with the IE ones you already removed and the IE ones will continue to reappear after you delete them each time.

Nah - stick with FOSS tools, they've been better vetted.

Simon Bridge 11-12-2007 11:20 PM

Linux is not Windows. The partitions in linux are not treated the same way. Thus, there is no C:\ drive at all... the designation makes no sence for a partition anyway: that's not a drive!

PATA drives used to be called hda (primary master), hdb (primary slave), hdc (secondary master), and so on. SATA and SCSI drives get the same ordering with sd in front. More recently there has been a move to standardise the labels, so everything is sda,b,c et al in bios order.

To look for your partitions, you need to scan the entire physical HDD.

In the (linux) terminal, enter:

fdisk -l

(you need to be root though).
To learn what it's doing, enter "man fdisk".

raziel23x 11-13-2007 10:37 AM

Do you have a link to FOSS tools?

Don't be like someone in another post by given me a link to google or yahoo when i asked for a link to a site that they told me to go to without given a link to it and when asked tell me to look it up on google which is not help when it list 5 billion things and only one thing is what you are looking for.

Please and thank you

Simon Bridge 11-13-2007 10:14 PM

FOSS = "Free, Open-Source Software"

You Linux install CD is packed with them.
Other sources are dedicated recovery and forensics CD's.

Note: when someone directs you to google it is because the page is easily found with an intellegent search term. Usually in the first ten hits, sometimes you need to check out a page or two and refine your search.

OK, people not used to research may have more trouble. However, you will never aquire the research skills if you don't do it yourself.

The difference between community and paid support is that the community is free to provide you with advice that will be good for you and everyone. This is not always the advice you would like.

The links I have provided are starting points. If you want a packaged solution, I can send you a schedule of my fees.

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