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nekawa 11-03-2009 03:51 PM

problem with samba cifs in debian lenny under vmware
Okay, so long story short. Machine is running windows XP and has vmware running. Debian lenny is running in a vmware window and everything works perfectly except for one new addon that I did recently. I recently plugged a TeraByte External HD into the machine. This of course added G:\ in windows which I mapped through SMB. (fstab reads

//inmigx150/TERAFLOP /home/mounts/inmigx_teraflop cifs user=fff,password=fff,gid=users,uid=username 0 0

The mount works fine. I can access the drive. Unfortunately i'm getting some errors from time to time. I don't see them showing up in the error logs but on main console in TTY0 the attached screenshot shows the error I was wondering if anyone can direct me as to what/why this is happening I did have problems w/ some read/write errors too at one points while running some tests where it couldn't write to the disk and I know that's not good I never had a problem with LAN SMB mounts before I do extensive work with SMB extracting/uncompressing things over LAN w/ SMB mounts and it works fine with CIFS normally. anyhow, here's the attached screenshot if anyone can recommend anything please do.

NOTE: I googled the error "cifs vfs no writeable handles for inode" and found info about using forcedirectio. when applying forcedirectio to the fstab it did not allow disk access wierdly it couldn't read the files that were already on there

nekawa 11-07-2009 04:04 PM

issue is still occuring nobody ever had this problem?

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