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suses 03-15-2007 10:13 PM

Problem with Mathematica 5.2 and Maple 10.06

I have C2D E6300, 1GB DDR2, SATAII and 7300GS NVIDIA, open Suse 10.2

I have two questions, one on Maple and another one on Mathematica

The one of Mathematica: I have installed correctly Mathematica, but when initiating program appears to me east error, I have looked for by all the sites and I have not found anything.


Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown modifier name:  Delete
Warning: ... found while parsing '~Shift ~Meta ~Alt Delete: '
Warning: String to TranslationTable conversion encountered errors

The program begins correctly and I can use it, but when use the help, returns to me to leave this error

The question on Maple 10,06 is quite rare, I have it perfectly installed, does not give to no error when initiating it nor anything me, but the symbol “^” of involution, to write for example x^2 does not appear to me. In his place he appears to me” `“. Nevertheless he appears to me @ and other symbols and all correct ones. As much in console as in x11 I have the symbol ^, I cannot solety use it in Maple, is quite rare.

I have looked for by its page of help, but I have not find anything. Somebody can help me please? Thank you very much

I need these programs to be able to work and there is no form to be able to use them by these two things.

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