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Lossenelin 06-29-2003 04:17 AM

Problem with Fullscreen on Mplayer
when I select 'Fullscreen' when playing a video in Mplayer the actual video stays the same size and the rest of the screen is just black, the same thing happens with 'Double Size'
How can I fix this?

MasterC 06-29-2003 04:32 AM

You are referring to gmplayer. With command line mplayer, -fs probably DOES give you full screen. In your gmplayer preferences change your vo choice to xv (it's x11 by default IIRC) and then restart gmplayer and try again.



Vishruth 08-01-2003 03:16 AM

Thanks MasterC, I was having the very same problem. And your solution solved it (with gmplayer).

However, trying to use mplayer -vo xv -fs something.avi didn't immediately work all that well. So, I first ran mplayer -vo xv something.avi and then pressed ctrl + f. And that did the trick. :)

ambelos 02-23-2004 10:07 PM

i'm having trouble getting gmplayer to work with anything but x11. why is that?


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