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C0n5truc7 02-11-2005 07:56 AM

Problem with Fedora Core in VirtualMachine
Hey guys, in need of some help if we can all put our brains together and figure this one out. My boss recently asked me to get Fedora Core running inside Windows using Microsoft Virtual Machine. I suggested using VMware, but he doesn't have licenses for that and insists that we use Virtual Machine. Anyway, I installed virtual machine and got Fedora Core 3 test 3 installed in MVM, but I can't login when I boot it up. Everytime I do, it returns the following:

INIT: Id "2" respawing too fast : disabled for 5 minutes
INIT: Id "x" respawing too fast : disabled for 5 minutes

There are several process trying to start that won't, I'm not sure what they are, and I don't know how to check which ones are starting and which ones aren't. I know there are certain parameters I have to pass on the installation, but I don't know which ones to send.

Any Ideas on this?

vladk 03-08-2005 09:04 AM

It works.

C0n5truc7 03-08-2005 11:36 AM

Got it working a while ago
Oh, I got it working a while ago. I've been to the linked site above, it really didn't help me at all. Directly after the system installation, you cant even login. Once you type in a username and hit enter to put in the password, the respawn error comes up. I got it working by downloading a live cd (Kanotix) and just loaded the ISO as a readable cd-rom in virtual machine. Once the live cd booted, I mounted the virtual hdd and used chroot to update the Fedora Kernel with RPM's from University of Buffalo (mirror server). Then I just edited grub.conf file and rebooted. It took some tinkering to get X working without errors, but I eventually got it. Thanks for the help to anyone that offered it.

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