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vinsky2002 07-14-2005 12:22 AM

Problem with Fedora core 4.0
hello everybody,

greetings to everybody. i need HELP with Fedora core 4.0 running as a WEB server.

i am using mySQL 4.0 and PHP 4.x on a Fedora core 4.0 Web Server. However, i am having problem with ALL of my re-direction of pages.

code i used is that standard "header" command.

ex.: header("location : arts_login.php");

it run's 100% on XAMPP (windows version) and a copy running on an older version of Linux (RedHat 9.x). when i placed a copy in the Fedora core 4.0 Web Server all of my page re-direction does not work any more.

Please help, anybody.... thank you....



dubya 07-14-2005 10:25 AM

Do you get any sort of error message when header is called? If you don't, make sure you have error messages turned on so you can properly diagnose the problem.

I've had problems with this function before and I usually resort to javascript when possible, so you might want to consider that.

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