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mpmackenna 03-04-2008 08:07 PM

Problem starting atftpd

I got atftpd to start using the command /usr/sbin/atftpd --daemon /tftpboot
However, whenever I try to put a file on the server I get "Error code 2: Access violation".

Any ideas why I may be receiving this error?


unSpawn 03-06-2008 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by mpmackenna (Post 3078367)
I get "Error code 2: Access violation"

That probably is a message "translated" by your FTP application and not a true FTP response (formatted something like "response_code message"). Rechecking your FTP daemon config and access rights on U/L dir and looking at the FTP daemons logs or looking up the response code displayed on the client side should give clues. Else post config, access rights listings, exact error messages preferably in BB code tags.

mpmackenna 03-06-2008 08:10 AM

Thank you for your response, but I have to admit, I just gave up. I did what I needed to do from a windows box. I used tftpd-32. I just don't understand why I was having so much trouble on my Linux box. I use Linux for a number of tasks including an FTP server and Web server, but doing something like TFTP which should be simple I would think really confused the heck out of me. I go to a Windoze box and double click on the exe and point it at a directory and it just starts serving the files. Then when I am done I just close the application on the server and it's over. Why I can't just start a process and point it at a directory on Linux is a mystery to me. I really value my Linux boxes for a number of tasks and perhaps when I get more time I will re-visit the TFTP mystery, but for now I am moving on. Thanks again for the suggestions. Mike

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