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hari_seldon99 01-19-2004 06:44 AM

Problem ripping dvds using K3b in mdk 9.2

I have a Gateway 310X running Linux Mandrake 9.2. I tried to rip a dvd using k3b. I had installed all the necessary dependencies like transcode tcscan etc. Therefore, according to the documentation in the K3b website, I should just click on the dvdrom icon in K3b's navigation menu, right-click on the title I want to rip and select "copy" and then choose the path to the ripped files in the dialog box that pops up and that's it. However, the following problems occur.

When I click on the dvd icon, I get a "malformed url" error, BUT the list of those VOB files or whatever that are in the dvd load up anyways. I select the title I want to rip and choose the path to the ripped files, but then....

I get a popup with the header "I/O Error-K3b" That says

"K3b could not mount <>. Please run K3bSetup."

I ran K3bSetup, and it detected all the DVD & CDRW drives properly and had all the right settings that it had when I first ran it, but the problem persisted.

Now I am aware that I can still run transcode from the shell (I guess I'll have to read the HOWTO in their website), but I would still like a cool GUI like K3b to do it, so can somebody please guide me as to what I should do so that the files are ripped properly to hard disk?

Thanks in advance.


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