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joboy 08-31-2017 04:23 AM

Problem converting Excel to PDF in Libreoffice
Hi there,

I am running Linux Mint Debian, I want to convert Excel files into PDF with Libreoffice, it worked but always messed up the cell grid lines. Some lines are missing or thinness changed, I don't see problem on the Excel file but after converted into PDF, any fix to it ?

jlinkels 08-31-2017 04:38 AM

Have you enlarged the PDF? There is often a problem with (grid) lines which are too thin. When the PDF scaling is insufficient they are not shown although they are there. If you enlarge the PDF to 400% every line should be there.

If this is the case, it is probably caused by the very thin default grid lines in Calc. If you make them a bit thicker this problem should disappear. Although for certain line thicknesses you might see lines of different thickness in you PDF. And again, at higher zoom level they are equal in thickness.


joboy 09-02-2017 01:45 AM

I created a worksheet with Librecalc in XLS and export to PDF, the worksheet itself looked fine, I used the same grid line the whole sheet, but on the PDF there are very obvious thickness difference and some lines are missing. On the otherhand, Librecalc is problematic in grid line, unlike Excel that I can draw and erase individual lines, fine tunning in Librecalc is very hard to do, that's why I need to save as Excel format simply for fixing the grid lines !

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