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Mortified Pengu 05-07-2004 02:45 PM

Since the Privoxy threads are already about 6 months old and couldn't help me more I decided to create a new Thread.

Hey there. Im sure you already heard about the programm privoxy, seems to be like a proxy with filters etc (windows eG proxomitron). Well I downloaded the Fedora core 1 source and upgraded it to the newest version. The installation, the configuration everything worked fine.

But now I am like "where is it , how do I start"
I already posted one thread in the linux newbie section about "where are my programs"
And I know now, that the software is in /usr/bin or some other */bin/ directories.

Well I set my mozilla browser to the proxy they said on the page (

And so at last I want to know if I don't need to start the program somehow (in windows it was the good old double click) how is it here ?

Fedora Core 2 Test 3

HaloinaHaystack 08-26-2004 02:08 PM

My prevous Privoxy post
Awsome Alleteration!

I installed from source but it placed a link in sbin (I think) so all I had to do to run it was type privoxy at the command line. By default I think it installed to /usr/bin but I could be mistaken (I stowed it). I don't know how the fedora package is setup so all I can do is speculate.

Also if people could check out my post and could help me it would be great, I still can't get the thing to run. A point to a slackware packaged version of privoxy would be fantastic.

foo_bar_foo 08-26-2004 05:04 PM

(make a user named provoxy and a group named privoxy)
(i can't remember if the directory and file permissions were done during the configure or if i did some of it by hand) sorry
make sure that user privoxy can write to the /var/log directory or wherever you privoxy logs go
i coppied the config from /usr/local/etc/privoxy to usr/local/sbin/config and set it up the way i wanted
the /usr/local/sbin directory is owned by privoxy and privoxy group and
so is the directory /usr/local/etc/privoxy

this is the line i use in my startup script to start privoxy
you need to adjust the paths to match your system
and you need to be connected to the net when you start it
if i remember right or it dies after a test

/usr/local/sbin/privoxy --user privoxy.privoxy --pidfile /var/run/ /usr/local/sbin/config

RavenLX 11-28-2004 12:11 PM

I've found the answer to the problem. See my reply to Permission Problem with Privoxy

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