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sfrdll 07-24-2004 04:35 PM

printing PDFs with CUPS
Hi all,
I am using CUPS 1.1.20, and I discovered that with this new version I can no more print PDFs. Wandering about the Internet, I found this communication about CUPS:


CUPS 1.1.15 and higher no longer include the PostScript RIP filter, pstoraster, necessary for printing PostScript, PDF, text, or HP-GL/2 files to non-PostScript printers. You must also install a version of Ghostscript with the 'cups' raster driver (gdevcups.c) to print to non-PostScript printers.

The CUPS distribution includes the necessary files to add to a standard Ghostscript source distribution, or you can download the current ESP Ghostscript distribution.
I am using debian testing, and I have these packages installed:
cupsys (1.1.20)
cupsys-client (1.1.20)
cupsys-driver-gimpprint (4.2.6-7)
cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data (4.2.6-7)
libcupsys2-gnutls10 (1.1.20)
cupsys-bsd (1.1.20)
gs-esp (7.07.1-8)

I tried to install cupsys-pstoraster (1.1.14-5) but it conflicts with other packages.

Does anybody know how may I solve this problem, please?

Thank you very much.

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