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square_eyes 01-25-2008 04:53 PM

Printing addresses on envelopes /w A4 printers

I searched around to find a easy way to print addresses directly onto business sized envelopes in open office(v2). Any info I found seems to be only printer model specific and is not helpful.

The size of the envelopes are 23.5cm(w) x 12cm(h) (9.25" x 4.75")

My problem is I cannot get the text orientated the correct way because the printer then expects the envelope to be fed in width-ways and the envelope is wider than the printer allows. (hp deskjet 3820)

Feeding the envelope in longways runs through the printer ok but I can't make the software understand the I have turned the envelope 90 degrees.

Switching between portrait and landscape either writes the text sideways or displays the envelope rotated. (which is bad for my neck!)

Do you have any suggestions?

liaty 01-26-2008 05:00 AM

set the page up as an envelope. - Right click on the page, select page from list, click page tab and in the format box select ENV.#11 which seems to be the closest to the size you want. also select landscape.

hope this helps.

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