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batman 10-18-2000 12:47 PM


i tried installing redhat 6.0 linux alongside my win98 system. the problem is i partitioned my 10gb drive into a primary (C:) partition and an extended logical partition (D:). i use both on the win98 system. but it turned out that linux needs an extended partition of its own, too. but you can only have one extended partition on a harddrive.
i was wondering if maybe i could shift the content of the linux extended partition into some new primary partition, because i don't want to delete my win98 extended partition.

is this or something similar possible, or do i have to buy a new hard drive.



batman 10-18-2000 02:17 PM

sorry, that's redhat 6.1 not 6.0
sorry, that's redhat 6.1 not 6.0

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