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linuxBill 03-31-2003 03:17 PM

ppp connect problem
I'm trying to setup a ppp server and client. I'm connecting these two systems via ttyS0 (direct). I've followed a linux HOWTO but when I try to start ppp over the link I get the following error:

/usr/sbin/pppd: bad local IP address

Can anyone help explain this error?

Thanks in advance for any help.


AltF4 03-31-2003 03:33 PM

you seem to have configured as your ppp IP address, but the 127.x.x.x network is reserved for the loopback network.

better user 10.X.X.X or 192.168.X.X for your ppp connection if it's private (not connected to the internet)

Private IP address space has been allocated via RFC 1918. alias alias alias

linuxBill 04-01-2003 06:48 AM

The server is also connected to a network via ethernet. Does this make any difference?

AltF4 04-01-2003 08:44 AM

not concerning 127.X.X.X and RFC 1918 addresses
any private addresses should use RFC 1918 space

linuxBill 04-03-2003 12:56 PM

Sorry, I've been off on a tangent. As a newbie, I'm not sure where to correct this problem. My /etc/hosts file is as follows:
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.
# localhost.localdomain localhost localhost BillsSys HPLaserJ2100 cds cds2 KoreanUnit john bill guest ppp01 ppp02

What is wrong here? Am I looking in the right location?


AltF4 04-03-2003 01:17 PM

Suppose you used "BillsSys" somewhere in your ppp-config

you should use "real" addresses, should not be used for anything but loopback

linuxBill 04-04-2003 07:21 AM

The only places I can find that I used "BillsSys" is in options.ttyS0 and options.ttyS4. Those two files contain: BillsSys:ppp01 and BillsSys:ppp02 respectively. I got that input from the HOWTO file. What should be in there?


linuxBill 04-04-2003 08:48 AM

I don't know how those smiley faces got in there. I'll try to clarify that, replace the smiley face with : and p. (:p). I'll do it again and hope the smiley faces don't appear, BillsSys:ppp01 and BillsSys:ppp02


linuxBill 04-04-2003 08:48 AM


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