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kule 10-30-2004 02:20 PM

Power management problem, still not solved
Since I have installed Slackware 10 I've been having this problem. I posted and read several threads regarding this problem, but with no solution and I'm not the only one having it.

Well my problem is that when I configure my monitor in KDE-s power management (or with xset) to turn off after 10 minutes, it does turn off after that period off time, but it also turns off while I'm working (browsing the web, typing text, etc). The monitor turns off and when I move my mouse or press a key on my keyboard it turns on again :confused: , this is really annoying :mad:

Somewhere in this forum I read that it's KDE's kwin problem, that it's not reporting activity, but I had this problem since KDE 3.2.3 till now with 3.3.1. Is it possible that they didn't fix this, yet :confused: Now I'm not sure if it's a KDE bug or something else. Could it be a bug :confused:

If anyone has a solution, or if he knows what is making this bug (KDE,, some driver...) I would be grateful.

subhasis_ray 11-01-2004 10:28 PM

Thats Indeed funny...... have u tried this with other disros? or gnome?

kule 02-25-2005 02:15 AM

Finally, had the bug and when I updated to 6.8.2 everything is working great :D

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