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griffouille 11-10-2003 01:57 PM

Postfix/Qpopper problem
Hi all,

Ive installed Qpopper/Postfix on my private server
And i got multiple domains on a single IP.

So what i want is to have something like that :

My "domain1" is my main domain" (As specified in my /etc/hosts file)

Every user can send mail and the right domain name is kept to the recipient.
The problem is that if i send a mail to user2@domain2 he will never recieve it, if i send a mail to user2@domain1 he will recieve it.

So i think the problem is coming from Qpopper.

Ive seen that Qpopper doesnt support virtual domains, but they say (as seen on the official site from eudora) that "you can handle them by configuring your MTA".

What do i have to do to make it working?

I've tried several manipulations in /etc/postfix/virtuals but it doesnt seems to work either


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