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Phaethar 10-15-2003 08:00 AM

Postfix mail server setup questions
Hey all,

I'm looking to try and set up a Postfix mail server on a RedHat 9 system. Ideally, I'd like to have Groupwise 5.5 be able to connect to the server to retrieve mail for the accounts. I've done some research on how to set up the majority of the options we need in the file, but wanted to go over just a few things:

1. How exactly do I set up the individual email accounts for login? Do I need to create them within Linux first, then add them to the alias file?

2. Assuming Groupwise will work, it requires an IP and port number to connect with. The IP is no problem, but if there someplace to specify the port to all incoming connections to retreive mail?

3. Anything else that may be needed to get this setup to work? This is running on a newly installed and updated install with the most recent version of Postfix. Anything else I should need installed to get this to work? Other than setting up the and the alias file, is there anything else server side I would need to do?

Thanks a lot in advance for you help.

Phaethar 10-15-2003 10:56 AM

Anyone at all have any suggestions on this? As I'd said, this is my first time setting up a mail server, and I'm still relatively new at Linux. Does anyone have any experience on getting this to work with a Novell Groupwise email client? Is there something else I may need to install along with Postfix before I can start sending and receiving mail? Is there something else I should look at rather than Postfix, maybe something that will run the server and allow users to log in to send and receive mail all in 1 program? :confused:

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