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cdhgee 06-29-2006 02:45 PM

Postfix local catch-all alias
I have Postfix configured and nicely running on my system. I would like to set up a catch-all alias for a local domain (i.e., one that Postfix accepts mail for as the final destination), so that any mail that is sent to my local domain where the destination isn't an existing mailbox or alias, then it will get delivered by Postfix to this catch-all address.

I have found the section where it says that Postfix can do this for virtual domains, by putting

However, I can't see how to do this for a local domain.

Can anyone help?


Berhanie 06-29-2006 07:54 PM

Look for luser_relay in the postconf(5) man page.

cdhgee 06-30-2006 03:02 AM

Thanks, that looks like just the trick. I'll give it a try tonight.

Update: That fixed it, thanks.

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