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wardjame 08-01-2006 01:52 PM

postfix listening port
Hi All,
I just completed the wonderful postfix spamassassin tutorial located at and everything seems to have gone ok.

I realized afterword that the isp this server is hosted on blocks traffic on port 25 so I need to adjust my postfix settings to get it listening and relaying on port 587.

I added the following entry to my iptables:

iptables -A FIREWALL -p tcp -m tcp --dport 587 --syn -j ACCEPT
And the following line to my
Code:  inet    n      -      n      -      -      smtpd
But I still can't connect on 587. I am testing this on the local network and port 25 is responding via telnet without any problems. There are no errors in my mail.log file and grep 587 /etc/services give me:

submission      587/tcp                        # Submission [RFC2476]
submission      587/udp

Any thoughts on what I missed to get this thing listening on port 587? Thanks much.

acid_kewpie 08-01-2006 03:46 PM

might be nicer for yourself if you just leave postfix alone and do a port translation on the network:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 587 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 25
this way postfix remains unmessesboutwithandllathat

wardjame 08-01-2006 04:29 PM

Thanks for the excellent suggestion. I'm getting on with 587 locally now.

acid_kewpie 08-02-2006 01:32 AM

and of cource locally port 25 still works fine within your lan and the machine itself.

wardjame 08-02-2006 11:08 AM

It sure does. Thanks for all the help

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